New book release: How To Sell Your Amazon Business

Published by Jeroen Cappendijk on

This book will open your eyes. On the day you sell your company, you probably make more money in 1 day, than all other years of your company combined (I will show you). 

 Make time for this and start with this book. It explains a no-nonsense approach to sell your business better and sooner than your ever thought possible. From the valuation, to ways to improve the valuation. From the brokers, lawyers, accountants to tax advisors. From staging to negotiations and closing. Loaded with valuable tips and tricks. 

 An educational and entertaining book for business sellers, as well as for professionals that help them, such as brokers, lawyers, accountants and tax advisors. 

Each journey of a thousand steps, must begin with a single step. Read this book, apply the knowledge in it and you run the risk of realizing your dream exit.

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