Why buy this book ($10) now?

I sold and helped to sell multiple Amazon businesses and companies.

Each day I receive questions about selling companies. Many of them say: I know how to sell products but I have never sold a business.

Some have started multiple attempts to sell their business. They are desperate for answers to many questions:

How to sell successfully?

How to know what my company is worth?

How to increase the sale price?

Is my company ready to sell?

What deal structure is best?

Why I wrote this book.

I decided to write this book to help other entrepreneurs.

For me, selling my company was struggle. Many things I didn’t know. I had to figure it out on my own to get the deal of my life.

That’s why I wrote this book. To help other entrepreneurs to become smarter in building and selling their business. To give them a kickstart (for just $10 😀).

I always invested heavily in my network of successful entrepreneurs to develop valuable skills and strategies and learn the best practices to succeed.

I collected the most valuable knowledge and tips in my “Sell Your Business” book. It’s a practical guide and toolkit to get what you deserve for your business.

You just started? So is this book helpful now?

For those of you who just started to build their business. Read this book NOW.

Because it will help you to build a business that is irresistible for buyers.

The sooner you start with the mindset to sell, the better and sooner you make the deal of your life. You can buy this book for just a few bucks. I am sure it will bring you tremendous value.

"I would have loved to have this book at the start of my journey".

What will I learn from this bestselling book?

A clear path and process of selling from start to finish
How to define what your business is worth. You’re worth more than you might think!
How to increase your valuation and better understand what makes buyers pay top dollar.
Why selling your company. Understand why your exit is probably the day that you make more money in 1 day, than all other years combined.
When to sell. Why sell now.
How to prepare and stage your business to make it irresistible for buyers.
How to clarify the profile of your buyers. How to find and reach them.
Understanding the benefits and costs of lawyers, brokers, accountants.
How to implement tax savings and involve fiscal experts.
How to make an actionable plan to realize your exit journey successfully.
Why work on your exit, long before your exit.
Why you make more money today, when you adopt the mindset to sell soon.
How to avoid the common traps that prevent you from realizing financial freedom.
Why your exit should be your beacon to make every big business decision - from the day that you start to build it.
Many tips and tricks to sell your company effectively.

There is even more...

Readers get additional resources, such as sample agreement, letters, presentations and spreadsheets. ...

For example:
• Deal timeline check sheet
• LOI sample
• NDA sample
• Q&A for selling your company
• Action plan template
• Vetting email template
• Business for sale websites
• CIM company presentation
• Business for sale announcement message
• Escrow Agreement sample
• Assignment Agreement sample
• Buyer tracking sheet
• Data room - folder structure
• Business valuation sheet
• Contact information of brokers and lawyers
• Various presentations about exit strategies
• And much more

For even more information

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If you just want to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to contact me, using the CONTACT page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you have a (book) question, do not hesitate to send me a message. I try to reply within 24 hours.

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What readers shared

Some opinions from readers (see amazon.com for more)



Practical toolkit for Amazon business owners that look for helpful ideas and concepts, relevant to build and sell yours in the current competitive marketplace. Strong recommendation! Read this book and make the deal of your life.




This book costed me 9.97$ but the tips and knowledge easily made me $100.000. That's what I call a return on investment.




A great book on selling your Amazon business. Very entertaining. Lots of information, tips, tricks. From start to finish: a great deal. For me, the best deal of my life. Helps to understand how to start with selling your business. And how to go from there, through a step for step process to ultimately make a load of money, sooner than you ever thought possible. Great book!